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A Newfoundland Photography and Knitting Blog by Betty Nolan

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ange Took the Hint, Ellen! Yay!

Back in February I posted that I had knit a summer top for Angela for her birthday but forgot to take pictures of it before I put it in the mail. Then I hinted to Angela that maybe she should take some pictures of herself in the top and send them along. Thankfully she took the hint and did that this week! Actually Blair was the photographer. They also send along a picture of Angela in a pink dress that I knit for her last year. Thanks Angela and Blair!

The dress is machine knit with Berlini Smile (cotton/acrylic blend) and the top is hand knit using Patons Silk Bamboo (silk/bamboo blend).

I have found some work for Ellen. She'll be back next post!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fabric yarn, Ellen? Really?!

A few weeks ago I went to the local fabric store to buy buttons and noticed that many of their light spring fabrics were on super sale. For example, buy 1 meter of fabric and get 2 free. Deal! The fabrics on sale were flowery with nice colour combinations and I got to thinking it would be nice to have yarn like this. So, I bought one, got two free, came home and made some yarn by cutting the fabric. Bit of a lengthy (ha!) process but I was delighted with the results. Nice for small areas but you would be driven crazy if you knit a dress this way! 

Seeing spring fabrics would naturally put you in the mood for Spring. Spring happened in our area last Saturday (not officially - just the weather). We haven't seen much evidence of it since, but last Saturday was splendid! We went out and about and took a few pictures. When we had driven as far as Holyrood I thought we may as well go further to Baynoddy and get some fleece. Glad we did. I got a close up shot of Henry the llama (who is a kind soul and did not spit at me!) and the sheep, who were close to the fence. Sheep are such great listeners. They look right at you when you speak to them and if you keep talking they keep looking until you get the picture.

I know you haven't seen Ellen in a while. That's because I haven't knit many things for her to model. That'll all change soon. Ellen has advised that if there's no work here, she'll have to move on. We can't have that now, can we? :-)

Dolly skirt hand knit with acrylic and cut fabric. The scarf is knit with just cut fabric.

We saw pussy willows on just one tree in Conception Bay South.
Definitely a good sign of Spring!
Some local activity at Long Pond.

Walker on the trail at Upper Gullies.

Seal Cove River


Other llama and Louise the goat.
I keep my distance from this llama. I've been warned he's a spitter!

Sweet sheep.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Sweet Exhibition, Ellen!

Oh what fun!

In the last post I mentioned that I had two pieces of work accepted to be included in the Sweet Exhibition at Devon House - an Exhibition where all entries are inspired by cupcakes. The opening of the Exhibition was Saturday past. All the exhibitors were asked to bring cupcakes or fruit. I chose cupcakes because I hadn't made them in years and thought it would be fun. It was fun indeed except when making the first batch I rediscovered that the package instructions are not kidding when it says to fill the cupcake cups 2/3 full before baking. You get some serious overflow if you don't heed that! :-)
I made regular cupcakes and some gluten free ones also. They were both a big hit, at the exhibition and at home!

I took a couple of pictures of my work but we weren't permitted to take pictures of others artists work without their permission. When the Craft Council publishes their pictures I'll include the link in a post so you can have a look. A lot of people came to the opening and plenty of cupcakes were eaten.

Beatrice is having a great time at the exhibition and Ellen is pleased because the mannequin who is modelling the apron is very similar to her (except for her dress colour). 

My cupcakes.

One of the cupcake displays at the Exhibition.
Mine are at the bottom of the display. See my fancy gluten free sign? :-)

My Oopsie Daisy Upside Down Cupcake Apron at the Exhibition.
Ellen modelling the apron before it went to the Exhibition.

Close-up highlighting Swarovski crystals which represent sprinkles
and the frills which represent icing.

Beatrice the Cupcake Girl at the Exhibition.

Close-up showing the cupcake button on Beatrice's cape.

Cupcake buttons on her shoes.

Cupcake button on her hat which is also cupcake inspired.
The fuzzy yarn has sequins which remind me of cupcake sprinkles.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sweet News, Ellen!

Yes, we have 2 pieces of sweet news!

1.  Reached my walking goal of 1,000 kms in a year today! 

2.  I knit a special outfit for Beatrice and entered her and a knit apron in a group exhibition at The Craft Council Gallery entitled "Sweet". It's a cupcake inspired exhibition. I received news today that both pieces have been accepted to be included in the Exhibition. Yay! 
(Can't give any sneak peeks so as soon as the Exhibition opens I'll post some pictures of my entries.)

Below is a general invitation for any of you who live in the St. John's and surrounding area to attend the Sweet Exhibition opening this Saturday (March 9). Should be fun!


You are invited - The Craft Council Gallery invites the public to Sweet, a group exhibition of cupcake-inspired craft, opening this Saturday, March 9 from 2-4 p.m. at the Annex Gallery, Devon House Craft Centre (59 Duckworth Street). Visitors can feast their eyes on finely crafted cupcakes in a variety of media, while satisfying their sweet tooth with deliciously decorated cupcakes including a selection from Best Kind Bake Shoppe. All are welcome to this free public event. 
The exhibition continues until April 6.

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's a Slippery Slope, Ellen!

In our neck of the woods we get some pretty wacky weather sometimes. However, for those of us who continue to love living here, we find beauty in the harshness. Freezing rain is always beautiful but can be treacherous and unpleasant for walkers, drivers, even birds who are looking for food. I'm fascinated by pictures of ice, so I had to get out early to get a few snaps before it started to melt.

Speaking of walkers - we're on the slippery slope. I'm up to 963.3 kms but gotta wait until some of this ice melts before I can log in today's kilometres. The temperature is supposed to rise to +2C later today.
Hope so! I'll do some knitting while I'm waiting. :-)

Our driveway. My footprints going to the back yard to get some photos of the trees.
I had to stay in the snow. The rest of it was super slippery!