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A Newfoundland Photography and Knitting Blog by Betty Nolan

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Think We Can Do It, Ellen?

Last March I got a new iPhone. Then, shortly thereafter, I discovered the wonderful world of apps, in particular the Nike Running App. I made up my mind that seeing I paid $1.99 for this app, that I should make good use of it as often as possible. Before obtaining this app, I used to walk on weekends and some evenings after work, but when I bought the Nike app, I decided I should put a bit more effort into it - walking that is, not running. I'm not a good runner even though I did do the Begin to Run Course at the Running Room a few years ago. I never did get the "runner's high"!  Anyway, starting last March, I began to take the iPhone with me ever time that I went out, (although I did forget it a couple of times at the beginning-Darn!) Then I noticed that the 2.92 kilometres I was walking almost every day (to feed the geese and ducks) began to add up - a lot! Then I started to wonder how many kilometres I could walk in a month, 6 months and so on. Then I set a goal for myself - 1,000 kms in a year. 

March 7, 2012 was my start date. As of Sunday past (Feb 24, 2013) I was up to 944 kms. Ellen is 'standing behind' me, encouraging the whole time. :-) Can I do the 1,000 kms? If the weather is half cooperative I think it's possible. However, snow storms are a bit of a drag from a walking perspective! Lately, because I'm so close to accomplishing the goal, I've even borrowed John's safety glasses a couple of times when it's snowing and windy. Those tiny bits of ice really really hurt when they go in your eyes! The geese and ducks are always happy to see me so that makes walking in the cold a bit easier.

And, speaking of goals, I was invited to a friend's birthday supper on Sunday past and wanted to hand knit something to surprise her. I had one week in which to do this, among other projects. Down to the wire but got it finished in time! I hand knit a shawl from Lion Brand Homespun and Patons Canadiana - two strands together, 2 balls of each.

Any of you who would like to knit this, it's easy: Size 8.0mm needles (set of 2), cast on 38 sts and knit seed st (K1, P1 across row, then reverse this on the opposite side by knitting the purls and purling the knits) for 48". Bind off. Find a nice shawl pin and you're all set!

I was pleased with the outcome of the shawl and my friend was delighted with the gift!

Anyway, wish me good weather for the walking goal. We'll keep you posted!

Geese and ducks coming to meet me at the pond on Sunday past.
Somebody's hungry!

Same trail as above but looking back up the hill.

River I pass on my way out of the park.

This is a picture I took with my phone
through the dining room window of our friends' house on Saturday night.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ellen, This Is Beatrice. Beatrice, This Is Ellen!

Beatrice is the new doll on the block. I mentioned her briefly in the last post. She now has clothing and today got all dressed up to meet Ellen. Beatrice is hand knit similar to Leezel except Bearice is knit with acrylic yarn. She is stuffed with pure washed sheep's wool. Her clothes are also knit with acrylic, so she is completely washable.

Ellen likes her already as she thinks Beatrice is quite fashionable. Beatrice has highlights in her hair and she has lovely shoes. Ellen is crazy about shoes but never gets the chance to wear them, so she's always interested in the shoes that everyone else is wearing.

I have plenty of work to do so I'll leave those two alone in the studio and let them get to know each other!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nothing to Show, Ellen?!

No finished knitting projects to show that is!

I knit something for Angela for her birthday which is tomorrow, wrapped it up and sent it away - never took one picture. Ellen didn't even get the chance to try it on. Not happy! Oh my! Now I'm depending on Angela to send me some pictures. Hint, hint Angela!   :-)  That's project number 1.

Project No. 2 is a new doll named Beatrice. Ellen was missing Leezel and wanted another friend. Beatrice is finished, but her outfit is not, so we can't show Beatrice to you until she gets some clothes.

Project No. 3 is a pastry apron that does not have a bottom frill. 

Project No. 4 is a bread basket cloth. I'm writing the pattern for this one to continue the At Home Dining line.

So, you can see that I'm very busy and needed a break! 

Tuesday morning was a beautiful, quiet morning - the calm before the storm so to speak. The forecast was calling for blizzard conditions later in the evening so we went out to take some pictures in the morning. The sky and light was changing quickly so we headed for Signal Hill, then down to Quidi Vidi for a few shots. By then the sky had completely clouded over so we went home.

Where from here?  :-)
Paris is only 3,980 kilometres from Signal Hill!

Love the sky in this one.
The foreground (Fort Amherst) is a bit dark but I didn't want to lose the highlights in the sky.

Fort Amherst from atop Signal Hill.
See the frost and ice from the waves along the cliffs?

St. John's Harbour

The point of land in the distance is Cape Spear.

Deadman's Pond

Quidi Vidi Gut

Ice at the turn-around at Quidi Vidi.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Let's Go Out, Ellen!

Recently we've had a spurt of cold weather where Ellen stayed in beside the fireplace for weeks. Yesterday, we had to get her out of the house! It was a lovely day for outdoor winter fun and lots of people were out and about taking advantage of the good weather. John, Ellen and I went for a drive around Goulds, Petty Harbour and Maddox Cove. It was late afternoon and by the time we reached Petty Harbour, the light was lovely.

Cold spurts are always good times to get down to business with knitting. In recent weeks I machine knit a sweater for Stephan (Andrea's husband - couldn't send Andrea's jazzy sweater and not include something for Stephan), one for John and hand knit a going away dress and scarf for Leezel. Yes, Leezel was adopted this past Saturday by a fun family with a small girl who quickly became Leezel's new best friend. We'll still get to visit with her every now and again. 

Outdoor rink.

Snowmobiles on the pond.

Dirt bikes on the pond.

Petty Harbour

East Coast Trail at Maddox Cove
Ellen modelling John's sweater keeping it wrapped tightly around her!
Machine knit with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed.

Ellen modelling Stephan's sweater.
Machine knit with Patons Canadiana - easy care!
Leezel in her new dress.
Leezel all ready to go with her winter coat and new scarf.
She has her bag packed beside her.