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Friday, March 1, 2013

It's a Slippery Slope, Ellen!

In our neck of the woods we get some pretty wacky weather sometimes. However, for those of us who continue to love living here, we find beauty in the harshness. Freezing rain is always beautiful but can be treacherous and unpleasant for walkers, drivers, even birds who are looking for food. I'm fascinated by pictures of ice, so I had to get out early to get a few snaps before it started to melt.

Speaking of walkers - we're on the slippery slope. I'm up to 963.3 kms but gotta wait until some of this ice melts before I can log in today's kilometres. The temperature is supposed to rise to +2C later today.
Hope so! I'll do some knitting while I'm waiting. :-)

Our driveway. My footprints going to the back yard to get some photos of the trees.
I had to stay in the snow. The rest of it was super slippery!

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  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous Betty!