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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fonix Werx Fer Mee, Ellen!

When my children were in elementary school a new concept called Phonics was introduced. This concept taught children to write words as they sounded phonetically, not necessarily using the correct spelling. It was believed at the time that as long as the children were expressing themselves, proper spelling really didn't matter. They could learn that later when they matured a little. However, old habits tend to die hard and some students who were taught phonics, eventually had some trouble spelling  words correctly. You can read more about Phonics here. The t-shirt posted on that blog is cute and says it all! Why am I telling you about this? Well, in the past few weeks I've knit a dolly from the book "Knitted Dolls" by Arne and Carlos and named her Leezel. I Googled the name and found that it could be spelled Lisel and Leizel, however, seeing that she is a dolly, I thought the phonetic pronunciation would be more suitable. A fitting title for this post, I thought.   :-)

As a child I loved dolls, so as soon as I found this book, a doll had to be knit! Of course every doll needs a name and I couldn't decide what to call her. Then when her hair was completed and I embroidered her smile, I knew she was Leezel. She has a new skirt which she is wearing in the pictures below. She also has a warm coat, but it doesn't have any buttons yet. I will keep you posted as Leezel's wardrobe grows. (I acknowledge I need a little practice with making eyes and smiles.)   :-)

Leezel is stuffed with 100% wool fleece that I bought at Baynoddy Farms (mentioned a couple of posts ago). We went back there to buy more fleece this past Sunday and lo and behold the llamas were out. While taking the llama pictures, a small goat ran out to meet us! The excitement never ends!

Ellen is pretty happy to have Leezel around. They have become great friends and look forward to fun times together!

This guy kept a close eye on us. Linda said to keep our distance as sometimes he spits! We kept our distance!

Leezel enjoying the sun on the patio this afternoon.

Ellen and Leezel.

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