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A Newfoundland Photography and Knitting Blog by Betty Nolan

Friday, August 31, 2012

Crazy Camo, Ellen!

Let's back up to July for a few minutes so I can show you the camo blanket I made for a family friend's birthday. He's been wanting a blanket for some time so I thought I'd surprise him with one for his birthday. Getting my hands on some camo yarn proved to be more or a challenge than I had anticipated but I ended up getting 3 balls of it! Then I found the rest at Michaels. The green parts look kind of odd in the pictures but there is a subtle green in the camo yarn so I think it looks alright in real life.  :-)

Ellen came to Cape Spear with me for the photo shoot, but she kept getting blown over so I had to put her back in the car while I went exploring. She graciously participated again when I used the left over yarn for a camo cap.

You can see Fort Amherst and Cabot Tower in the distance.

There were irises everywhere!

Lighthouse and other buildings at Cape Spear.
The centre building is an art gallery and the building on the right is a gift shop.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What a Day on the Bay, Ellen!

Ellen finally came home on Tuesday and was all fired up to go knitting after her extended vacation, but when my brother called yesterday and asked if I wanted to go out on the bay with him, I simply had to leave the knitting and go.

What a perfect day! The ocean was flat calm. It was sunny and 26 degrees C. And, to add a pleasant surprise, my rubber boots don't pinch my legs anymore! We went out around Kelly's Island. That's the first time I'd seen what was behind the Island! Then, we went down along Conception Bay as far as Topsail Beach, where there were dozens of people playing on the beach and in the ocean. We trolled for sea trout for a while, but no luck on that front.

Anyway, the pictures tell the story. Back to knitting next post!

Going out through the channel at Long Pond.

Looking back at Long Pond.

Rubber boots fit much better!

Jasmine Knutsen oil tanker.

Three oil tankers in the Bay.

Going around the bend at Kelly's Island.

Back of Kelly's Island.

Liquid mirror

Shipping channel marker

Jellyfish - we saw several.

Large jellyfish!

Topsail Beach

Cave near Topsail Beach. Someone has placed a bench inside it.

This boat was going out through the channel when we were going back in.

Friday, August 17, 2012

You're Missin' Out, Ellen!

It's all fine and dandy when Ellen wants vacation but when there's work to be done and she's not around, I just have to ask someone else! Enter Jennifer!

Jennifer and I have wanted to go to the Ferryland Picnic all summer. We tried to get a reservation a couple of times, but they were fully booked. We finally got a reservation this week and went there yesterday.  The Ferryland Picnic is the name I've given it but the correct name is "Lighthouse Picnics".
It's a bit of a hike from the parking lot to the lighthouse, but well worth it. The picnic itself is always delicious and homemade. You even get homemade lemonade if you like it. I try to visit this wonderful spot every year. After Jennifer and I finished our picnic we followed the trails down to the cliffs by the ocean.

Jennifer agreed to be the model for my new pattern release, Breeze Blasters, (click for link to pattern) for which I am more than grateful! This pattern was fun to create. It reminds me of years ago when we had 3 Samoyeds. We used to walk them all on the old train tracks beside the beach whenever we could and some days it was pretty breezy! I never used to mind the wind in my hair but always wanted my neck and hands to be warm, with fingers free to sort out leashes or dogs if necessary! I wish I had thought of the Breeze Blasters back then. They would have come in handy for everyone involved!

Breeze Blasters are knit with Artyarns Supermerino. It's a lovely yarn! Even though I wanted the pieces finished, I hated to stop knitting this yarn. It washed nice and feels cozy next to the skin.

Yesterday was the perfect day for the Breeze Blasters because the sun was warm and the breeze cool. Hopefully you will get a sense of the picnic and feel as though you were there with us.

Jennifer did such a good job I think Ellen should consider coming home soon!  :-)

Ferryland Lighthouse complete with picnickers.

Jennifer at our picnic spot.

Our yummy picnic!

Doggie paparazzi (you can barely see him in the tall grass).

Doggie paparazzi..... This is Hunter. He is 8 weeks old and needed a little help to look straight at the camera!

Cliffs at the end of the trail to the ocean.

Jennifer modelling the Breeze Blasters.

Looking out to sea. There are artfully stacked rocks all over the place.

Inuksuit - art of Inuit rock stacking.

The willpower of flowers always amaze me!

More rock stacking.

View from the bottom up.

View from the top down.

Lighthouse tower

View of neighbouring small island from the road leading to the parking lot.
Herds of sheep hang out there in summer.

View of a portion of Ferryland from road leading to the parking lot.

Ellen, stylin' at Blueberry Festival last weekend.
Photo compliments of Mom.