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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cute Little Ones, Ellen!

I've been absent for a little bit but not idle mind you, despite what Ellen thinks! She'll get her turn. :-)
I'm working on something for her to model in the very near future.

In this post you'll find beautiful little Katherine modelling her nordic sweater at the beach. And, you'll meet Sofie. She's a new doll that I hand knit for my friend for her daughter 's 16th birthday.

Katherine is a little darling any day of the week! So, when her Mom sent me pictures of her in her new sweater and gave me permission to post them here, I was delighted. She promises pictures of the dress in weeks to come!

Sofie resembles a 16 year old in many ways. She loves to shop (who knew!), skate, go boating and just hang with friends. She's stylish and eco friendly. She supports sustainable yarns. She never litters and picks up after herself always! She could even be an Irish dancer all decked out in green, complete with shoes.

Beatrice the Cupcake Girl (doll) was invited to stay in the Craft Council store after the cupcake exhibition was over. Go Beatrice! I don't have a report on how she is doing but we are hopeful that she will find a new family to live with. If not, we will gladly welcome her back home. Ellen says she could use the company anyway.

Katherine exploring the beach.

Sofie in her cotton/angora outfit.

Acrylic skating outfit.

Cotton Spring dress

Bamboo/silk coat with funky scarf.

Wool and mohair boating outfit.

Irish dancer outfit knit with acrylic and strips of fabric.