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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yaay! It's Regatta Day, Ellen!

Regatta Day is finally here! Alana rowed with the Pennecon team in the races today. It was a perfect Newfoundland day for the races - not too hot and hardly any wind! John and I went down to Quidi Vidi Lake to cheer on the team, see the sights and take a few photos.  We had to park a good distance away in a 'Regatta Day approved' parking lot, but the shortcut pathway through the cemetery was open, so we walked through there.

Ellen stayed home. It would have been a project getting her down to the Lake! Besides, too many people and dogs to tip Ellen over. She is better off at home. We have a bunch of knitting projects coming up in future posts once our sightseeing is done! 

Alana and team didn't win their race, but they certainly gave it their best!  There's a ton of dedication and practice that goes into rowing in the Regatta. In my opinion, anyone who is dedicated enough to be at Lake-side at 5:00 a.m., three or four days per week since the middle of May for practice deserves a medal regardless if they win or lose!

There were doggie paparazzi opportunities abounding as well as some other interesting shots. :-)

Alana and crew getting ready for their race.

Team Pennecon and Coxswain Paul Ring

Heading to the starting point.

"And they're off...."

Close race.

End of race.

On the way back to the dock.

Tickets anyone?

Spying on the racers.


Couldn't help notice that his shirt is on wrong side out.

OZ FM sponsored Metrobus.

Tuning up.

Ziggy's have the best fries!

Pathway through cemetery.

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