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Friday, July 27, 2012

Heading North, Ellen!

In the last post we were at Corner Brook and Port Saunders. This post we are driving through Port aux Choix and Flowers Cove.

Ellen is modelling one piece of the travel knitting. She's not fussy about modelling mohair in the summer, but one quick picture was acceptable. It's a lacey mohair/silk scarf - for Fall/Winter. Simple pattern that I made up along the way. When it's complete and I get proper photos, I'll post the pattern.

Greeter at Port aux Choix

Entering Port aux Choix

Major piles of firewood

Lobster pots on shore after the season has ended.
The plant between the lobster pots looked like wild rhubarb.
It grows all along the roadside on the Great Northern Peninsula.

Seagulls in the fog.
If you look closely you can barely see a man walking his dog onshore in the fog.

Fish drying on a flake

Close up of fish drying

This scene caught my eye while driving through Flowers Cove

Close up of house in above scene

Close up of other building.

Travel knitting - mohair/silk scarf to be.

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