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Monday, August 6, 2012

L'Anse aux Meadows, Finally, Ellen!

Our destination on our trip up the coast of the Great Northern Peninsula was L'Anse aux Meadows. We'd talked about going there several times over the years but it never panned out until this year.  Both John and I are delighted that we finally visited this wonderful place. There are lots of pictures this time because I'd like you to feel like you were there too, so we tried to capture as much as we could.

There are employees (in costume) working in the reconstructed Norse building playing music, storyteling, weaving, etc. In fact one of the guys was cutting lengths of yarn for his next project. You'll see him below. I don't need to say too much here. The pictures tell the story. You do actually feel a "sense of place" (and respect) when you are walking about, especially on the area where the original buildings stood.

The sweaters on the bottom of this post are children's cotton machine wash/dry sweaters that I've machine knit (hand finished) since we came home from the road trip.

Oh yes! Almost forgot to tell you!  I've had a pattern accepted by Knit Picks. I made this pattern in the Spring and applied to Knit Picks to be part of their Independent Designer Program. It's for sale here.
Yaay!  Exciting stuff!

L'Anse aux Meadows community

Sign in parking lot before entering Parks Canada building

Vikings on the hillside

View from the deck of Parks Canada building

Metal art on walkway

Close up of above so you can read the words

Reconstructed Norse building

Storyteller/weaver cutting lengths of yarn


Tempted to run off with this! (100% wool)

2nd picture of above yarn
(just because I love pictures of yarn!)  :-)

Stacked firewood

Interior - wall of tools

Barrels of various things. See the fleece hanging?

Viking helmets

John with Viking away!

Glad I don't have to use rocks as weights on my knitting machine!

Nice view
As usual, I like the fence line and boat. Also, chopping block in the foreground for chopping firewood.


Original Norse site

This robin has his worm and let us get really close.
With every click of the camera he hopped a little closer.

This guy is posted at the door of the Parks Canada building.

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