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Friday, August 10, 2012

Have Fun, Ellen!

The last place we visited on our road trip was the Underground Salmon Pool in Roddickton.

We went there early in the morning after a heavy rainfall the night before. The woods smelled so fresh and with the sun breaking through the clouds, the light through the trees was beautiful. I love different colours of light on trees and am compelled to take pictures of it. 

On our trek through the woods to get to the Underground Salmon Pool, we met a salmon fisherman, his mom and dog, Arie. We stopped and chatted with them as is customary in Newfoundland.  Salmon fishing is not permitted in the direct area of the underground salmon pool. I guess that would be too easy!  The rest of the river was open for salmon fishing as long as you are a license holder.

The tunic that Ellen is modelling today is made from an Italian yarn that consists of 85% cotton and 15% cashmere. I had machine knit it before we went on the road trip but didn't get it sewn and blocked until after we came home. Ellen was pushing for it to be done because she is wearing it at the Brigus Blueberry Festival this weekend. She said she needs to socialize sometimes too, so she's gone out to stay with Mom and Jim for the week and will be at the Festival tomorrow and Sunday. So if you are in the area and intend to go to the Festival, keep an eye out for Ellen amongst the crowd!

Portion of boardwalk going towards the salmon pool

Dry riverbed in summer

Another section of the river further in the woods


Cave where the river flows underground

Salmon in the pool in front of the cave

Salmon going into the underground cave.

This is where the salmon come out of the cave and head up the river.

On the way back out the trail we met this Momma Grouse
and her youngsters. They weren't shy at all!



Ellen all dressed up for the Blueberry Festival

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