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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Whale of a Tale, Ellen!

Today John and I took a run to Cape Spear to photograph something that I can show you in a couple of weeks. Along the way we saw whales playing and it reminded us of a boat tour we took at St. John's a couple of years ago. On that tour a whale stayed with our boat and played around us for what seemed like half an hour. I took over 400 pictures - couldn't help it. We never saw anything like that. The boat tour operator told us that the whales become familiar with the sounds of the boats and don't mind hanging around and entertaining. That day we were totally entertained!!

Heading toward The Narrows.
In the background you can see the Supreme Court and behind that The Rooms.

Neighbour on the water

First whale jump

He/she started by waving at us a few times

Then the entertainment began!

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