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Monday, July 23, 2012

That Was a Fun Road Trip, Ellen!

Last week Ellen took the week off (she said she needs vacation too you know!) while John and I went on a road trip across Newfoundland. Both John and I have always wanted to go to L'Anse aux Meadows (where the Vikings landed 1,000 years ago near St. Anthony at the northern tip of Newfoundland), but we've never actually made it that far until this time. It's a long drive! By the time we got home on Saturday we had driven over 2,400 kms. 

I did take several knitting projects with me: the silk scarf that I've been working on (plus the pattern for it), a mohair scarf for the Fall, a pair of mittens and face cloths for Pretty (who seem to run out as soon as I send a new shipment). The two scarves; I am still working on. The mittens got ravelled twice (so no mittens to show) and the face cloths are now being blocked. I'll photograph all of that for next post. 

So, the next couple of posts will be filled with photos from our road trip mixed in with travel knitting and projects that I completed before we left but didn't have time to post.

This is my first summer not working for a corporation in 25 years, so needless to say, I'm having a fun summer - filled with doing household things I never had time to do when working, knitting, and as many vacation days as time will allow! I have not retired - just going to work for myself from now on. In the Fall I hope to open an online store filled with one-of-a-kind knitwear, mostly based on a Newfoundland lifestyle theme.

Back to the road trip!  On Saturday (July 14), we travelled to Corner Brook to see friends who live there. Then, Monday started travelling up the coast toward St. Anthony. We had a couple of days of rain so didn't get the full photographic potential of some towns the way we would have liked. Seeing we can't always count on having sunny weather when travelling in Newfoundland, we make the best of whatever we get. Some days we took pictures in the rain and fog. :-)

Salmon fishermen on the Humber River (photo taken from a bridge)

The other side of the bridge

To the right of the bridge

Shipyard in Port Saunders

Close-up of above boat
I thought the dried salt mixed with peeling paint made an interesting photo

Port Saunders from the wharf

Port Saunders - See the fog bank in the background?

Port Saunders - lobster pots stacked on a wharf

Gentleman taking a break from splitting wood

We saw several boats in fields

Crow paparazzi 

There were piles of cut firewood "everywhere"

And wild roses everywhere. They smell so nice when you pass them.

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