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Monday, July 9, 2012

Cashmere Mittens, Ellen!

I thought yesterday was going to be a sleepy kind of day - until John asked if Ellen and I would like to go out somewhere. Of course we did! He never has to ask twice!

We decided to go to Port de Grave. We go out there for a look around every few months. In Newfoundland I find that one can go to the same places over and over and you'll always find something different than last time you were there. Besides, the weather is so changeable that every day looks different anyway.

I brought along the cashmere mittens that I knit last week. Yes, I know it's summer, but I came across a pattern for mittens and thought I'd give them a try. They turned out very nice and even in summer you still want to try them on or pet them! They are hand knit with Mongolian cashmere. Enough said.  :-)

While in Port de Grave we went looking for the miniature pony we met there last Fall. To our surprise and delight we found that she has a little one! Their pen is near the road and they are super friendly. We stopped to say hello and after a little coaxing, they both came to the fence to allow us to pet them and take their pictures. The little one kept wanting to bite the lens of the camera. John even got a kiss from him/her. We don't know if it's male or female. They are both adorable. We think their owner lives across the street because that's where the barn and other outbuildings are and there's sheep there also.

Then a little further down the road, we found a slipway next door to the Fishermen's Museum. Great place for Ellen's photo shoot. It's a small area, but proved to be very interesting. Lots of pictures this time. Everywhere I turned something caught my eye.


Closer view looking left

Closer view looking right

Fishermen's Museum in the background

Mmmmmm..... cashmere

Seagull paparazzi

If you look closely you can see the seagull nest at the top of the
tallest part of the rock.

Newfoundland flag

Hardy flowers will grow anywhere!

This greenery is actually under water! The ocean is so clear here.

Parts of the slipway - also under water.

Graffiti - how did it get here?
Did someone paint it while standing in a boat?  Hmmm?

I took this picture because I liked the colour of the kelp against the bright green grass and wood.

Wild roses spilling all over the road

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