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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey Ellen, We're Home!

I've been missing in action for almost 2 weeks. We were on vacation. Went on a cruise ship named Carnival Liberty for 7 days. We stopped in 4 ports along the way and arrived home on Saturday night past. Just getting around to doing a post now because you know when you get home from a holiday, there's always the laundry, grocery shopping, etc. All that's done, so now I can settle down to write a bit.

Ellen says she missed us terribly even though Alana checked in on her regularly. No worries Ellen.  We're home for a good while now.

I do have a confession to make: I did not take any knitting with me on the holiday! I decided the night before we left that I would do a knitting fast and leave it home. 

So, the next few posts will contain pictures of the places we visited. This will give me a bit of time to get something new started to eventually show you.

Here goes!

We flew to Miami on May 24 to stay for 2 days. When we arrived at our hotel the revolving door got stuck (with us in it!) as we entered the hotel. One of the ladies at hotel reception told us that's not how she likes her guests to be greeted, so we immediately we received a room upgrade. Sweet! What a lovely view!

Later in the day we discovered that if we sipped drinks on the shaded back deck of the hotel, we could watch all shapes and sizes of boats coming, going and playing in Miami Harbour. They also have a bridge that opens and closes according to the needs of the shipping traffic. We spent 2 lovely days at that hotel before joining the rest of our party and the ship. We joined the ship in Miami on Saturday, May 26. We had a cabin with a balcony, so you'll see some pictures taken from that view point.

Our first stop was at Half Moon Cay, which is Carnival's private island and part of the Bahamas. We had to be tendered (get another boat to shore from the ship) to get onto the island. We set sail from that location on Sunday evening and spent all day Monday at sea. They call that "Fun Day at Sea". The ship had to sail around a storm during the Fun Day at Sea, so it was pretty interesting out on the balcony! I did a short video but it won't upload. I'll try it again next post. 

Hope you'll come back to see the rest of the pictures.

Views from our hotel balcony

Yacht coming through! See, the bridge is raised.

Carnival Liberty preparing to leave Port of Miami

Bye Miami!

Docked at Half Moon Cay. Tender boat arrives to collect passengers
going to the island.

Tender boat on the way to the island

Half Moon Cay

Shops and bar at Half Moon Cay

Pirates Cove at Half Moon Cay

Horseback riding at Half Moon Cay

Parasailing at Half Moon Cay

Seaside theatre on ship (big screen!).

Water slide on ship

Ship lobby (bean bag tournament in progress)

Chandelier in lobby

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