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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cool stuff, Ellen!

I think sheds are cool. They always have unusual stuff in them and they always have the "shed" smell, whether it be wood, oil, paint or just old stuff. I like looking around in sheds, especially on rainy days. I think that comes from hanging out with my grandfather when I was a small child. I'd 'help' him cut wood and just hang out in and around the shed. I'm sure I was more of a hindrance than help, but he said I was helpful, so we'll go with that. :-)

Other cool things that I recently came across are: 
1.  Bird houses and flowers on a patio in Moreton's Harbour.
2.  Laura's and Jeff's fish named Ted. He's a goldfish who is 9 years old and was a willing photo subject last week when I was practicing indoor photography.
3.  Ducklings that are just a couple of weeks old.
4.  Dandelions. They're not cool when they're on your own lawn, but they look awesome in the park!
5.  Funky yarn that changes colour every few feet.

Funky yarn looks great on you Ellen!

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