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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Celebration Time, Ellen!

We're celebrating a couple of things this post:
1.  It's our 100th post!
2.  Jeff (John's son) and Laura's wedding in St. Thomas!

Jeff and Laura were married in St. Thomas on May 29. Congratulations Jeff and Laura!

Pretty exciting being invited to join in the festivities of a sunny location wedding while on a cruise! I felt privileged to be part of it all.

After docking in St. Thomas, we were picked up by a special taxi and transported to where the wedding would take place - beautiful club by the ocean! The whole wedding was like a dream. It was sunny, hot and everything went completely according to plan! 

When Jeff and Laura exchanged vows, we were taking a few pictures, having cake and champagne, then suddenly 4 iguanas/lizards (not sure) ran out from under nearby trees. We just stood there looking at them. Then the wedding planner said that they run out every time the cake table is brought out. We were amused indeed! We all shared our cake with them. If you look closely, you will see that one of them has cake on his mouth. He was kinda territorial over the cake too. So funny!

After the wedding we went back to the ship, got changed and hurried out to explore St. Thomas before the ship set sail for Puerto Rico. That evening we all had supper together and the waiters sang Happy Honeymoon to Jeff and Laura to the tune of Happy Birthday.

I have to say I didn't think about knitting at all that day!  :-)

Arriving at St. Thomas

The closer we got to docking, the more seagulls came to greet the ship.

Our taxi and driver

Jeff and Laura, wedding planner, family and friends walking toward the club.

Jeff and Laura

Ring ceremony

Cake cutting ceremony

Our cake friends (there's another one but he's not in this picture)
They're smiling 'cause the cake was so yummy!

Shops at St. Thomas

More shops

Carnival Liberty at the dock

View while leaving St. Thomas


  1. Great pictures, I LOVE the cake-eating iggie! How sweet are they!

  2. what a beautiful wedding ,jeff and laura look beautiful congrats to them