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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revisiting Things, Ellen!

In Astrology, it's said that when the planet Mercury goes in retrograde motion we sometimes revisit things, places, events, etc. Mercury did go retrograde a few days ago on March 12, so I thought, "Why not revisit some stuff?"

Back in October 2011 I machine knit a top for myself but never did get around to finishing it because we went on holidays, I wanted to do knitting for Christmas gifts and I generally lost interest in it. Today I noticed it all folded on my table and decided to see how it looked on Ellen. It looks pretty good despite the wrinkles from sitting around for a few months. It's machine knit with Patons Silk Bamboo and the side that's generally the wrong side will be the right side because of the slip stitch pattern on the bottom.

Cooper was over for the afternoon so he posed for me also, albeit briefly. He's too busy to be participating in photo shoots!

I've been doing a lot of walking lately and go to feed the ducks and geese almost every day. I'm always trying to get pictures of birds in flight and the geese running towards me, but they are so fast that by the time I tuck the bird seed under my arm and press the shutter button, they are all around my feet. Today, they hung around for a bit so I got a few shots.

Yesterday I walked with a friend in her neighbourhood and got a snap of a really cool mailbox to show you!


Bridge at Power's Pond

Power's Pond

Hungry birds

Asking for more

Funky mailbox

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