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Monday, March 12, 2012

Cashmere on a Snowy Day, Ellen!

Saturday I finished the cashmere vest. Ellen wanted to model it right away even though it was pretty snowy. So John suggested that we find a sheltered woodsy area, so off we went, exploring. We  found a nice woods road not too far from home and found some pretty interesting things along the way, but where we did the photo shoot was not sheltered. We didn't stay long because our fingers were stinging with the cold and we had to put Ellen in the shelter of the truck to keep her from blowing over!

The cashmere vest is hand knit with Jade Sapphire Handspun Mongolian Cashmere (100%). It's feather light and super warm. It looks a bit big on Ellen, but because I am not Ellen, it fits me just fine. I could even wear a belt with it.

Last week I took my camera to the pond when I went to feed the birds and got a pretty good close up of the geese. Usually they hiss at the click of the camera, but that day I got away with it. Then, on the way home (same day), I met Dexter and Bella, two very well behaved dogs who graciously posed for the camera.

Gotta run. Ellen is bugging me to finish the colourful Spring scarf!

Chain linking posts to keep trespassers out

Looks like C. Croft owns 8 cord of wood

Under the overpass

Graffiti on graffiti

My friends at the Pond



Bella and Dexter

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