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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What An Industrious Place, Ellen!

Bay Bulls is a town that's not very far from home for us. We pass through there on our way to Ferryland. It's a town that has a lot of ocean related industry and a lot of ocean related construction!. There is a marine base, fishery related activities and it's also a tourist destination. There are boat tour operations, now closed for the season. Even the mermaids are inside for the winter. Some boat tour operators advertise their "modern flush toilets"! Many people find the sheltered harbour to be great for kayaking, which we saw evidence of today. Brave souls I'd say.  It was -2 and "windy".

We took Ellen to a quiet section of town to do her photo shoot where she modelled a wrap that is machine knit with yarn from the stash - Moda Dea Dream (Italian). The trim is crocheted with African Bead Ball made by Be Sweet Yarns in South Africa. The African Bead Ball yarn has tiny beads spun in with the yarn. Then I finished it off with an ebony shawl stick. Ellen says it's elegant (and warm). Even though we took Ellen to the quiet part of Bay Bulls (more about that in the next post), the wind still blew her over, but this time she didn't get dirty because she fell in the snow. Grateful for that. I just washed her dress last week!

We happened across a sweet gentleman in the form of a dog who happily came to the truck to greet us.  He seemed kind of old and didn't have a leash, but such a friendly fella, maybe he doesn't need one. I guess the picture of this dog is not really "Doggie Paparazzi" because we didn't spy on him at all.

More than the people in Bay Bulls are industrious and more than the dogs are friendly! More about that next post.  :-)

Mermaids waving at us through the window

Tour boat up for the season

Washrooms with modern flush toilets


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