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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Busy as a Beaver, Ellen!

I mentioned in the last post that more than the people are industrious and more than the dogs are friendly in Bay Bulls. And, we have the pictures to prove it!

As you are entering (or leaving) Bay Bulls, you can see that a resident beaver has built a dandy large house for himself. We didn't have the opportunity to meet the beaver. I guess he was too busy!

After we had visited the busiest parts of Bay Bulls we took Ellen up to Gunridge for her photo shoot as you can see in the last post. Gunridge is a very quiet place that's off the beaten track. There are little rivers that lead to the ocean, big meadows, pathways through the woods and cliffs with sheer drops of more than 100 feet. Along the path, someone bolted pieces of wood into a rock to make the climb easier. Very handy I must say.

When I had explored all of that, I hopped back into the truck and told John that I was ready to go home. We had enough pictures for a post. Ellen had gotten blown over so she was certainly ready to go home! Off we went. Part way along the road there was another road off to the right that lead up a hill. John thought we'd go up there for a look, while on our way back to the highway. Next thing I said, "John, stop! Look at all the sheep!" John stopped and I hopped out. There must have been 30 sheep and when I approached the fence with my usual, "Hi!", they all started coming toward us talking up a storm. What a sight! If you had been there, you would have had to giggle with delight. A couple of them came right up to the fence. I even got a kiss off one of them. Such a friendly bunch! We had to get going though because Ellen and I are busy as beavers also. We're still making sleep eye masks for Andrea's and Stephan's store

See the fine beaver house?

Handy steps

Here's one of the cliffs

Just a stump

Golden light on a tree

Whale on a stick

Got a kiss off this one!


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