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Thursday, January 12, 2012

It Was a Sleepy Kind of Day, Ellen!

Last Sunday when we were downtown St. John's taking pictures of interesting buildings, there weren't many people on the go, the traffic was kind of slow and scarce, it was cloudy...seemed like it could have been a good day to sleep in or even have a nap in the afternoon. I thought about the nap in the afternoon, I have to admit.

Ellen wasn't up for a nap though, with Sunday being her only day out during the week. While we were going around the city taking pictures of buildings and Ellen modelling John's sweater, I noticed how interesting all the doors were. I was delighted that I noticed this, so I started taking a few pictures. The further I went, the more great doors I found. Some people are very specific about who they don't want at their doors (as you will discover!)

My daughter Andrea, co-owner of Pretty Beauty & Books in Toronto has been asking me to make some sleep masks for her to sell in their store. I did find a pattern on Ravelry. It is a lovely pattern and I did make one, but it's hand knit. I want to machine knit them because it's so much faster, so I made my own pattern.

Ellen had her way. We didn't nap. We made sleep masks! 

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