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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spring in January, Ellen!

Ellen got her dress washed yesterday, so she was ready to go out early today!

It's like Spring here. It's +6C, water is running where it would normally be frozen and some doggies are not even wearing coats as you will see in the NL Doggie Paparazzi picture at the bottom of this post.

Looking back over the past several posts we noticed that the ocean theme has been very strong. We do live on an island, however there's lots of cool stuff that's not right beside the ocean, so we figured we could shift the focus inland for a bit.

Today, John suggested we start by the Clubhouse at Pippy Park and take a few wide angle shots of St. John's. Then, I thought we could focus in on some of our interesting buildings. When we drove to the Pippy Park Golf Course to take the pictures near the Clubhouse, there was a chain across the entrance saying it was closed. Oh well!  We can still focus on some of our interesting buildings. Ellen is delighted to be out and about regardless of where we go or what we are doing. She is especially delighted with this warm spurt of weather.

Ellen is modelling a new sweater for John. It's an "out and about" type sweater so it fits in well with this post. John has been owed a sweater for a couple of months now, since I seriously shrunk the last one I knit for him. Ooops! This new sweater is a basic machine knit with Knit Picks City Tweed HW in Brocade (colour) made from Merino wool, superfine alpaca and Donegal Tweed. It's kind of dark purple tweed, but it came out a lot lighter in the photos. It fits John perfect! Very happy about that.  :-) Of course Ellen wanted to keep it. She said it's a nice boyfriend sweater. Sure it is! That's why it belongs to John, Ellen! 

Anyway, we visited the Confederation Building (seat of Government), The Arts & Culture Centre, The Rooms (museum and archives), The Basilica (historic Catholic Church), The Anglican Cathedral, Spirit of Newfoundland (home of a local theatre group in the former Mesonic Temple) and the Supreme Court of NL. Of course there are plenty of other interesting buildings in St. John's, but we can show you some more another day. One interesting building we couldn't leave out is Moo Moo's Ice Cream!

It was so warm today, that even a Chihuahua named CoCo didn't need a coat!

Gaspar Corte-Real statue near Confederation Building

Confederation Building (under renovation)

Arts & Culture Centre

The Rooms

You can see Cabot Tower from the lawn of The Rooms (next photo)

See Cabot Tower?

Arches in front of The Basilica

The Basicila

The Basilica with arches

The Basilica

Self-explanatory  :-)

Spirit of Newfoundland (old Masonic Temple)

Spirit of Newfoundland flying the old Newfoundland flag

Anglican Cathedral

Anglican Cathedral

Anglican Cathedral

Plaque affixed to Anglican Cathedral

Ellen outside Anglican Cathedral

Ellen says she wants to keep this sweater!

Anglican Cathedral (Duckworth Street view)

Parking meters on Cathedral Street

Supreme Court of NL (Duckworth St. view)

Supreme Court of NL (side view)


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