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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pretty in Pink, Ellen!

We're on our way to Bay de Verde so that Ellen can model the latest creation. But, we decide to take a detour to Grate's Cove because we've never been there before and don't know when we'll come back this way again.

Along the road to Grate's Cove (and in other various locations), families are skating on small ponds. Grate's Cove has a light station and Cabot Rock (which has it's very own legend). I took a picture of the Cabot Rock Monument so you can read about the legend yourself.

When we leave Grate's Cove we head straight for Bay de Verde because we still have a bit of ground to cover and we don't want to lose the daylight. When we drive into Bay de Verde we park at the top of a hill and there is most of the town spread right before our eyes, with Trinity Bay on our left hand side and Conception Bay on our right. At this point, we are almost at the end of the road. Next stop is the Atlantic Ocean! It's such a pretty place. We take Ellen out and stand her right at the top of the hill. She can stand all by herself as there is no wind. Being open to the Atlantic like that, surely they must get some wind. But no sir, no wind today. It's lovely.

The piece Ellen is modelling is made from Blue Sky Alpacas - Alpaca/Silk (50/50) and Artyarns Beaded Silk (100% silk) used as trim. And, it's mine- all mine! Yaay! This piece was intended to be an undershirt with a round neck, but as I was knitting I realized that I had not calculated the yarn properly. Enter V-neck and beaded silk for trim. Now it's a vest. I wore it to work yesterday. Nice and comfortable with a black turtleneck underneath.

We looked for a restaurant in Bay de Verde but none of them are open this time of the year, so we move on. Along the way we go through several communities and towns but stop in Old Perlican because the light is so nice at the marina. We take a look around, and a few pictures. Old Perlican is a pretty, happening place. It's almost dark when we finish in Old Perlican so we head home - happy and contented.  :-) What a nice day, hey Ellen!

Grate's Cove

Ellen in Bay de Verde

Conception Bay to the right

Trinity Bay to the left

Conception Bay side

Trinity Bay side

Old Perlican Marina

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