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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, Ellen!

Well, 2012 has finally arrived! We're not going to take time to look back over the year, but we will go back a couple of days to December 28.

December 28 was a gorgeous day and when John suggested an excursion around the bay, Ellen and I jumped at the chance. We went all the way to Bay de Verde - over 400 kms round trip.  Ellen did her modelling stint at Bay de Verde, but we got so many pictures along the way that we'll have to show you in two posts. The whole trip was a feast for the eyes!

In order to make good driving time, we had to bypass some towns and communities, but we did some quick (and not so quick) stops along the way. We're always on the lookout for big waves, but because it was a calm day we didn't expect to see any. Not so! When we were driving through Job's Cove, which is alongside the ocean, it looked like there was a mist hanging in the air, then I caught sight of one big wave through a cluster of trees. John turned the truck around and we went back. Wow! So glad we did. One big wave after another! I was snap-happy (as you will see!) Difficult to choose which pictures to post. That was one of the not so quick stops. :-) We eventually had to move on so Ellen wouldn't be huffing and puffing about getting to Bay de Verde before dark.

It was one of those rare days that you could stand at the ocean in December in Newfoundland and not be cold. (No gloves or hats!) The mist from the waves and smoke from chimneys just hung in the air. 

We'll post just a glimpse of Ellen's modelling session but because we are not going all the way to Bay de Verde in this post, we'll leave most of the modelling shots til next time.

We did get some NL Doggie Paparazzi shots!

Then we'll jump ahead to last night and throw in a few shots of the fireworks in our neighbourhood.
Happy New Year, Ellen! 

Lower Island Cove or Caplin Cove (not sure - should have taken notes!)

Is the dog in the background the one we should beware of?

"Hmmmm.... who are the visitors?"

"Oh, they're okay."

Sneak peek!


Fireworks - time delay

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