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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Knitting Up a Storm, Ellen!

According to the Weather Network, we were supposed to get 10 cm of snow on Friday. Someone might have gotten the metric and imperial systems mixed up because it was more like 10 inches! Anyway, it was enough to call it a snow day. So, Ellen and I decided we would knit up a storm!

We knit 100% cotton face cloths for Pretty. They are machine knit with a crocheted edge. Despite the fact that Ellen does not have a face, she still really likes face cloths and wanted to be in on the photo shoot. Why not?! Ellen does actually use face cloths when she falls and gets grass stains and the like. Ellen really liked the face cloths we made. They are nice and thick. We washed them and dried them in the drier to make sure they could take a beating before sending them off to the store. They did fine. We might make some to keep!

The face cloths are white, which reminded me of snow, so today we went out and about looking for some good snow shots for you. Enter Bowring Park! - always a beehive of activity after a snowfall. Today was no exception! There were hundreds of people in the park. We even got a few doggie paparazzi pictures. One dog was walking along with his owner, but kept stopping to look at everyone sliding. You could tell he really wanted to join in. Of course the Park is beautiful every day, but a fresh snowfall and sunshine made it splendid!

Was someone actually doing this so they had to put up a sign to make them stop?

I really want to go sliding!!

The Bungalow - This is where Andrea and Stephan had their wedding.
(October 3, 2011 post)

I love the look of snow and sun on trees.

See the snow dust coming from the slide? This guy is movin'!

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