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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Think It's a Secret, Ellen!

I finally finished the wrap/scarf that was supposed to be finished before Christmas! It's hand knit using a Vogue Knitting pattern with Knit Picks sugarbunny (80% merino wool, 20% angora). I finished it on the snow day last week, blocked it and it was ready to go for Sunday. Ellen was delighted that it was completed so we could do a photo shoot.

Every few months I take a run down to the South Side of St. John's Harbour. It's a different place every season so after a fresh snowfall I had to go for a look. I think it's such a cool place. All the fishing boats are docked, their crab pots are ready to go, but yet, there's a busy city right across the Harbour. There's something nice about looking across at the Waterfront. If you go up the South Side Road a little further, there's Fort Amherst. We'll have to go there sometime soon. That's another interesting place!

There are small bolted doors built into the cliffs along the side of the South Side Road. Some say ammunition used to be stored in there during the war and some people think the fairies used to live there. Perhaps they still live there because they can't get out. :-) I think what's inside those doors is a secret. A little mystery is good thing.

Then there's all the ice hanging from the cliffs. That, in itself, is a sight to behold! Makes the place even cooler (pardon the pun!) 

See the Basilica? Love all the coloured houses!

See The Room? (museum and archives)

The large white building is The Battery Hotel.

First sign of crab pots this year.

Portion of Battery Road

Water is pouring off the cliff behind the ice.

This is about 60-70 feet high.

An old train car. Trains no longer run in Newfoundland.

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