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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Too Cold For a Picnic, Ellen!

We've been threatening to take a run to Ferryland (about 71 kms from our house) for a few weeks and today finally presented the opportunity. It was kind of cloudy when we started out, but the bright parts of the sky seemed to be in the general direction of Ferryland.  It was -3C (wind chill made it a lot colder) and the windsheild wipers would only wipe the top and bottom parts of the windsheild. With a little heat and John's help, we got that straightened out and off we went.

Ellen was pretty excited about going to Ferryland because in the summer that's the home of the Lighthouse Picnics. She's heard me speak of Ferryland and the picnic a few times and was anxious to see for herself. Lighthouse Picnics is closed for the season now, but you can still drive to the parking lot. There is a fifteen minute walk from the parking lot to the lighthouse.  In summer, when you arrive at the lighthouse, you can place your order for a picnic. The staff will give you a flag and a picnic-blanket. You can choose a place to sit anywhere near the lighthouse and the staff will bring your picnic to you. It's always fresh and always homemade, right down to the lemonade! I've included a few summer shots from the last time we went to Lighthouse Picnics so you can see how beautiful it is in summer.

We decided not to do that walk to the lighthouse today because there would not be a yummy picnic at the other end and the tops of my fingers were stinging just taking a couple of shots of Ellen. Again today, Ellen was thankful for John's assistance to keep her out of the cold Atlantic.

Ellen is modelling the beginning of a vest for me. It's machine knit from Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk and the trim will be completed with Artyarns Beaded Beaded Silk. It was intended to be a round neck undershirt, but seeing I was going to run out of yarn, I had to make some last minute changes! So, it's a vest now.  :-)

At Ferryland there are a few breakwaters erected around the town. Even though the ocean was calm today, by the look of a section of the road on the way to the lighthouse and how it was washed out, it looks like the breakwater is indeed necessary. After doing the quick windy photo shoot with Ellen I decided that the rest of the photos would have to be taken on lower ground, so we hung out around the beaches for the rest of the day.

The second beach we visited today was so quiet and peaceful (and a lot warmer!).  I stayed there a long time taking pictures of seabirds, rocks, rusty things on the beach, waves, kelp and the lighthouse from a distance. Good for the soul.

On our excursions, we always wish we'd see a moose. We never see moose, despite the fact that there are reports of them being all over the place! Today we saw sheep. I said hello and asked if one of them would like to come home with us. They said Naaaaa. Ha ha!

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