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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That Reminds Me of Blue Sky, Ellen!

Matter of fact, the colour of the yarn is actually called, "Sky".  It's Knit Picks Aloft and the cowl is the same as the one in the post, "Cowls Are In, Ellen, and So Is Vegas" on October 25, 2011. This yarn is so soft and light. It's mostly mohair and not itchy! Ellen loves it of course!

The colour of the cowl reminds me of blue sky, which brings me back to the day we went to St. Vincent's. On the way to and from St. Vincent's we visited other communities along the way, one of which was Gaskiers-Point La Haye. They have an Interpretative Site with great historical information. They even had an outdoor woodstove for people to gather and have a fire. No trouble to find wood to burn. The beach and sandbar are lined with driftwood. There was also a lightstation with a fog horn that can sound without notice and cause hearing damage! We spoke with a couple of locals who were out looking for particular types of seabirds. Then there's the picture box that's erected with a rock in it with a picture of an eagle painted on it. Wish I had thought to ask the locals about that.

We spotted a few dogs and got some snaps for doggie paparazzi purposes. Maybe we should start a sheep paparazzi too because we seem to be finding sheep more often these days.

On the way home we spotted a property that made us very curious. The colourful rocks outside the gate along with the large piece of driftwood jammed into a concrete cylinder caught our attention. Then we noticed all the odd looking pieces and shapes of wood mounted on sticks all over the yard. I'm sure there's a story to this but we couldn't figure it out. 

I love pictures of clothes on the line so couldn't resist stopping to get a few shots of that.  Besides, the scenery in this area is breath-taking and any excuse to stop and take pictures was a good excuse.  :-)

We passed through a community called Newbridge and sure enough, they had a new bridge! The old bridge was still standing, so we stopped and took a few pictures to show you. By this time it was getting kind of late but the golden light on the bridge and reflections in the water were so nice that I took far too many pictures of it.

Darkness came quickly after Newbridge and good thing too. Ellen was beat from going around all day and taking in all the sights. She lay down in the back seat all the way home. I think she snores. She says she absolutely does not!

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