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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miniatures Are So Cute, Ellen!

One of the girls at work was Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago and came across a group of miniature mannequins that she thought for sure must be related to Ellen. So, she took a picture and sent it to us. One glance at the picture and Ellen had to agree. They look like they've 'come from away'. One of them has obviously been to Paris!

While we are on the miniature theme, we have to show you some pictures of a mini fishing village that someone has built on the side of the road in St. Mary's. It's tucked away in a wooded area with a brook running through it. We drove right past and had to turn around to go back to explore. It's so neatly crafted and laid out. There are even people kissing in the woods, clothes on the line and little ones at the school playground! You'll notice that the buildings on one side of the brook are on blocks. Must be for Spring run-off.

And, we'll give you a quick look at the current project. It's a hand knit sparkly Christmas scarf being knit with Berlini Glitter Ribbon yarn. It's an "in house" photo so it's difficult to pick out the sparkles. Ellen is hoping for a nice sunny day to model this one when it's completed. We want those sparkles to shine!


  1. Love! The scarf is gorgeous!! And the mini mannequins are so cute! :)

  2. Wow, what an amazing little village. There's so much detail. What a work of art. Thanks for sharing.