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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hurry Ellen It's Snowing!

This morning when we heard the forecast I said, "We'd better get Ellen out and get her home again!" We were hoping for a sunny day to model this piece because we wanted the sparkles to shine. It's really a party piece - a hand knit Holiday scarf made with Berlini Glitter Ribbon yarn. We even put fringes on for fashion and movement!

It was just starting to snow when we headed out to Petty Harbour. We wanted to go somewhere close to home today because it being so close to Christmas, we have a few things to do around the house, plus a little bit of shopping (which I am pleased to announce, is now complete!)  Yaay!

Even though it was grey sky and snowy, it was a beautiful, calm Christmassy day in Petty Harbour. Most of the smaller boats are up for the season, including the lobster pots and crab pots. People have their wood cut and stacked and houses are decorated for Christmas. It snowed what I call 'romantic snow' most of the time we were in Petty Harbour - gently wafting down and covering everything in a graceful kind of way. Really pretty.

They said on the radio that it was -3C, but felt like -10C. Indeed it did feel like -10! Generally speaking, Ellen is a real trooper and doesn't mind the weather as long as someone holds on to her in high wind. But today, she nearly froze up on the hill modelling this piece. However, she liked it so much that she said she'd put up with the cold just to get the opportunity to wear it.

By the time we were on the way home it wasn't romantic snow any more though. The roads were slippery and you would have had to haul your collar up around your neck to keep the snow from blowing in. Time to get Ellen home out of it!

We did stop in Bidgood's Supermarket on the way home and John bought me some partridgeberry "jam"! Bidgoods' had a sign up saying the Federal Government said they can't call it "jam" anymore. Apparently "jam" must contain 66% sugar. Bidgood's say that their "jam" is now called "spread" because it has more berries than sugar.  Sweet !  :-)

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