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Sunday, December 4, 2011

You're Really Going Places, Ellen!

The other day one of our friends sent us a video about California surfer dudes who came to St. Vincent's (St. Mary's Bay) in Newfoundland to go surfing. The video was pretty wild. Surfers guys riding huge waves right here in NL. I didn't know! As soon as Ellen got wind of it she wanted to make a plan to go model something in St. Vincent's. Well, John and I talked about it and figured if surfer dudes can come all the way from California, then surely we can drive a couple of hours. Google Maps told us that St. Vincent's is 124 kms. from Mount Pearl. Off we go!

We'll show you the whole trip in the next couple of posts, but we'll start with St. Vincent's because that was our destination and that's where Ellen modelled the latest knitted scarf. St. Vincent's is a beautiful town located in St. Mary's Bay. The beach seems to go on forever and there are sand bars in various places on the way to St. Vincent's.  There is a breakwater erected because the sea comes in over the main road sometimes. There is even a road sign that caution motorists about this! The locals were out and about on their ATVs and everyone we passed waved or winked at us. We even saw the local Santa Claus Parade! 

Ellen was able to stand on her own on the beach because there was no wind. Imagine! The downside to that is that we didn't get to see the big waves like in the surfing video. We did get to see the sun streaming across the bay. I can't help but take pictures of that even though I almost always get lens flare. 

The scarf that Ellen modelled today is hand knit from a new Knit Picks Special Reserve yarn called Sugarbunny. It's 80% merino wool 20% angora. A few months back Andrea sent me an internet picture of a knitted scarf tied in a bow and asked that I make one for her. This is my version of that scarf.

During the week we'll show you pictures of a gorgeous mini fishing village, a lightstation, a flock of sheep and some strange and curious things, so please come back!

The breakwater separating part of the beach from the road

The breakwater has lots of reinforcement

Seagull relaxing atop the breakwater

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