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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Be Careful Ellen! It's a Jungle Out There!

Ellen really wanted to get her picture taken with Santa. That would be a great photo and Ellen would be delighted, but I'm not sure how Santa would feel? So, when I went to the Children's Christmas Party at work last Saturday I left Ellen at home. Seeing she's nervous about being tipped over, that was the best thing to do. I did get to see a snake and a parrot from the Newfoundland Jungle. The parrot's name is Echo and she is a very pretty bird. Got a blurry picture of Santa because he was really on the move!

Because I went to the Children's Party I missed the 3rd annual Mummers' Parade in St. John's. That's usually fun - lots of cool/strange sights. Below I've included some pictures from last year's Mummers' Parade to make up for missing this year's parade. Last year they had a hobby horse workshop the weekend of the parade. That's why you'll see various hobby horses in the pictures.

Of course a post wouldn't be complete without Ellen! This time she is modelling a cowl made from the left over yarn from the bow scarf.  That yarn handles so nicely that I didn't mind knitting something else from it.  This cowl is machine knit using a pattern card for 20 rows and regular stockinet stitch for 20 rows. Finished with crochet. Dandy!

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