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Sunday, November 20, 2011

That Really Suits You, Ellen!

Was so excited to finish this cowl yesterday. I stayed at it at morning coffee until it was ready to go. By the time Ellen and I were ready to go out it was kind of late in the afternoon so we had to go somewhere close to home. Thought we'd try Signal Hill again this week. The weather was mostly clear and cold but okay if you're layered up. It's usually blowing a gale on Signal Hill and yesterday was no exception and, if you hang out up there long enough it gets pretty cold this time of year, no matter how many layers you're wearing! 

Firstly, we found a nice sheltered spot by the Visitor's Centre for Ellen to model the new cowl. After all, Ellen was a visitor. It was her very first time at Signal Hill.

I found the pattern for this ribbed cowl in the book "Knitting In No Time" by Melody Griffiths and made it using Ling, a Berlini (Italian) yarn (75% Merino Extrafine wool, 15% Superkid Mohair and 10% Polyamide). Ling is soft but sturdy and spun thick and thin. It's soooo nice to knit.

Anyway, the Visitor Centre is about half way up Signal Hill Road. After the photo shoot with Ellen, I took a few snaps around the Visitor Centre, then we headed up the Hill to Cabot Tower. You can see Cape Spear (most easterly point in Canada) from Signal Hill and historic Fort Amherst across The Narrows. Plus, you get to see whatever is going on in St. John's Harbour. Signal Hill is surrounded by steep cliffs. It has walking trails all around but they are not for the feint of heart. Ellen stayed in the car and she was better off. Not a good place for someone who's afraid of wind and heights!

Visitor's Centre Parking Lot

Cabot Tower from Visitor's Centre Parking Lot

St. John's Harbour from Visitor's Centre Parking Lot

Cape Spear (view from Cabot Tower)

Part of Signal Hill Trail

View of Fort Amherst from Cabot Tower Parking Lot

You can go everywhere from here!

Cabot Tower

View from Signal Hill (Visitor's Centre on left)

Cabot Tower

View of Visitor Centre from Signal Hill

Ocean view from Signal Hill Trail

Part of Signal Hill Trail toward Battery

Closer view of Fort Amherst across The Narrows from Signal Hill
(The Narrows is the entrance to St. John's Harbour)

St. John's Harbour (notice the canons on the cliff to the right)

Broader view of the Harbour and surrounding cliffs

Few berries still hanging around

Cabot Tower Parking Lot

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  1. Great photos Betty. Looks a little frosty. I see some snow there.