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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Knitting on the Go, Ellen!

You know how knitters want to take their knitting "everywhere"? Well, I'm no different. I took it on the plane when we went on vacation. I take it our our excursions around the bay when we take Ellen out. So, I have to have something real easy so I can pick up where I leave off without any confusion. Enter garter stitch shawl! I started it at Toronto airport when we went away. Now I knit a couple of rows every now and again - usually before bed. It is a bit boring, but someone will be delighted with it. It's a little cool in Ellen's apartment this evening (because it was too warm the other day and I turned the heat down!) I offered to wrap Ellen in the partially completed shawl because I'm working on something else tonight. She's very happy about that and I'm forgiven for turning down the heat. 

I did work on this shawl when we went out to Conception Bay North a couple of weekends ago, so I thought I'd post those pictures with a few of the shawl.  The shawl is being knit with two kinds of yarn: Patons Silk Bamboo (left over from the sweater I knit for Mom) and a Berlini angora blend. It's super soft and has lovely drape.

After we visited Mad Rock, we went to Port de Grave. A beautiful town with a rich history. The industry there is mostly fishing (as you will see). And, seeing that the Bog Boots have arrived at Wescals, I needed a few pictures of bogs to show those of you who don't live near bogs, why one would need boots in the first place. We'd had a sprinkle of snow the night before and it was still hanging around that day even though the sun was warm.  I love the look of a bit of snow mixed in with the Fall colours of the bogs. (You can click on the coloured word "bogs" above to get the Wiki definition.)

Even the animals in Port de Grave are friendly. The goats came to the fence to say hello and the Newfoundland Pony practically carried on a conversation with us.

Oh! The first picture is a Doggie Paparazzi picture! We spotted this handsome dude/dudette waiting for his/her people on our way to Mad Rock.

Rock wall in someone's back yard

Historic school house


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  1. Great photos, Betty. I feel like I'm there.