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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ellen That's Not Your Hat!

When Alana helped Ellen model the hat in the post "For The Animals Ellen!" I had the feeling she wanted to keep it, but we agreed that it was intended for the the SPCA Fall Fair. Recently it's been pretty cold here so last Saturday night Alana asked if I would hand knit a hat for her just like that one, only in a darker colour, and if I could fit it into my knitting schedule. We were staying home anyway, so why not? I changed the pattern a bit because I thought the first hat was too big. This hat is also made from Paton's Chunky Tweed. A one ball hat. Sweet!

When we got up on Sunday we thought we'd do another excursion around the bay - only a different bay. We went to St. Mary's Bay, to a place called The Cataracts. I lived near this gorgeous place when I was a child so it was a bit of a trip down memory lane. 

I finished the ribbed cowl on Saturday and had nothing for Ellen to model only Alana's new hat so we took it. I told Alana that Ellen was holding it hostage and off we went. Kind of cloudy when we arrived at The Cataracts but the sun shone in bursts every now and again. Ellen modelled the front of the hat but it looked like a ski mask hauled over her (pretend) head, so I had to help out and model the back of it. Thanks to John for being the photographer. Hanging out at The Cataracts made us feel like we were somewhere right out of a travel magazine. We hung out for more than an hour - long enough to play with the camera and climb up and down all the steps!

It looks like when the new bridge was installed, they kept one side of the old bridge. There's a sign on the old bridge section that says it's dedicated to a man (Mr. Ellis) who worked on bridge but didn't live to see it finished, so his colleagues finished the bridge and dedicated it to him in 1926. Very thoughtful. Also, whoever built all those steps and boardwalks did a fabulous job!

I took a lot of black and white pictures but there's too many to post. We'll save them for sometime during the winter and post them some day when we have a snow storm.

There's waterfalls on both sides of the bridge, pathways in the woods, trees that have fallen, moss everywhere that's like a big green fluffy blanket and roots intertwined all over the place. Oh my - wish I could take you all on a field trip!

Waterfall on other side of the bridge

Photo taken from the bridge at the top of one of the waterfalls.

The green stuff attached to dead trees is called muldow. Moose graze on this.

Look how far away John is!  Gives some sense of the height of this waterfall.


  1. I remember going here with you! The red sweater you are wearing looks nice and cozy!

  2. Good memories! That's the sweater Ellen modelled at Bridgeport last summer.

  3. These pictures are fabulous!!