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Friday, November 11, 2011

A Little Patience Goes a Long Way Ellen!

Off we go, Ellen and I, looking for a place to do a photo shoot with the new silk collar. I machine knit the collar earlier in the week. I want to make some quick, cute items as there are a fair number of Christmas gifts to make. The collar Ellen is modelling is made from a part ball of 100% silk that was left over from the top in the July post named "Ellen in Silk". Ellen was delighted to have the opportunity to model 100% silk again. She has expensive taste!

It was sunny all day and I was off work because it's the Canadian Remembrance Day holiday. I did some things around the house and left the photo shoot til a bit later in the day so that the light would be nicer (or so I thought!). As Ellen and I were driving downtown the clouds were blowing in so fast, it looked like they were in a real hurry to arrive! 

We started out on the waterfront beside the ships, but I quickly discovered that I was parked in a tow away zone, so after taking just a couple of shots, had to get Ellen back into the car and get out of there! I originally wanted to go to Signal Hill, but by the time we arrived downtown (on our way to Signal Hill), the clouds had come in and it was blowing a gale, with a little bank of fog hanging around. Seeing the ship idea wasn't working out, we went on our way to Signal Hill anyway. You never know! The clouds could be blew away by the time we get there. Part way up Signal Hill Road, I had the idea that I would take a trail part way down the cliff so I could get another angle on the Waterfront. However, it was so cold and windy that I didn't walk too far past the duck pond (didn't bring duck food!). Then, kind of disappointed at this point, I turned back up the path to go home. When I looked up, the Johnson GEO Centre was right in front of me.  Great idea! (If you'd like to know more about the GEO Centre, click above.)

There were the cast iron figures of the Newfoundland Dog and the Labrador Retriever. I walked a little further and nearly bumped into their giant Newfoundland & Labrador Rock Collection (not suitable for living rooms!). Okay, so I'm fascinated now and not cold at all. I've seen this rock collection a few times, but always seem to forget about the cool rocks we have here. All the rocks have signs describing their qualities. (I took close up photos of some of the rocks but not the signs. After all, this is a knitting blog, not a rock bog.)  :-)  Actually, everything about the GEO Centre is cool - even the way they have information boards all around the parking lot. I think they have 8 or 9 walking trails. Their light posts are cool. I would have gone inside to take more pictures to show you but they were closed today because of the holiday. That might be a good winter photo shoot idea.

Seeing we are now so interested in rocks, I asked Ellen if she would consider doing another photo shoot with the silk collar beside a rock. I didn't really like the way it was displayed the first time anyhow. My goodness! Ellen was delighted! Twice in one day! Yaay! So, I tucked her safely in beside a cliff out of the wind and took a few more shots. Flick through the photos on the back of the camera. Looks good! Now I remember that it's windy and cold, help Ellen back to the car and off we go.

Things do turn out better when one exercises a little patience.  ;-)

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