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Monday, November 14, 2011

Is This A Gentleman's Scarf, Ellen?

There's a tweedish yarn called Tuscany by Berlini (Italy) that I've had for a while. It feels really soft (superfine alpaca, virgin wool and acrylic) but the way the ball is wound the colours didn't really appeal to me after I bought it. Nevertheless, it has to be used. So, I made a scarf.  Now I'm wishing I'd made a sweater because I really like it. Ellen and I like the scarf but can't decide if it's male or female.

Ellen had to model beside the fence in the back yard yesterday. I wanted to do some Christmas shopping downtown and didn't want to leave Ellen alone in the car. You never know. Someone could fancy her and go off with her. No, she is definitely safer at home or with me at all times. Ellen doesn't like being left at home but understands and reluctantly agrees.

I took the camera along and got a few snaps of the happenings downtown while Christmas shopping. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas in all the shop windows. Plus, the reflections in the glass always give an interesting perspective.

Le Boudoir celebrated its first year in business this weekend, so I had to stop in for a look. They "always" have nice things. 

Angela out in BC sends me pictures of random dogs and calls those emails "Doggie Paparazzi".  She recently appointed me Doggie Paparazzi East Coast Rep, so I spied on a few doggies too.

Inside tunnel to waterfront

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