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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Warm Neck on a Cool Day Ellen!

Last Saturday I finished the "Breathless" collar - a pattern designed by Linda Lunn in the book Knit & Wrap by Nathalie Mornu, that I started before vacation and mentioned in the blog post "See Ya Later Ellen!" On Saturday in Mount Pearl, we were experiencing scattered snow squals, but the sky looked clear towards Conception Bay South.  I discussed this with Ellen and we figured we'd take a run out to Manuels River (historic fossil site) to see what the weather was like. I wanted to do the photo shoot in the woods because the Breathless collar makes me think of wood, twisted roots, stumps and being in the woods in the Fall.  Anyway, just as we crossed Manuels Bridge the sun came out - and stayed out all while we were there! Lovely! A little on the chilly side though.

Ellen quickly became very fond of the collar - it made her feel all toasty.  After the photo shoot Ellen made it clear that she wasn't fussy about being tucked under my arm for the length of the trail (nor was I fussy about carrying her that distance!), so she sat in the car basking in the warm sunshine and waited for me. 

I started under the big bridge and crossed a steel bridge (below the big bridge), skipped some rocks and took pictures upstream. Then crossed back over and went down the river. It was pretty easy to get to the middle of the river to take pictures facing up towards the road. Some parts of the trail are sheltered and the leaves in those areas are beautifully bright and still hanging on. Others are strewn all over the path. So exciting! Everywhere I turned there was a new picture opportunity. I took a few black and whites - will upload them another time. 

When the sun started going down it was chilly enough to make me go home. When we drove out the highway to Mount Pearl, we were right back into the snow squals. We were glad that we'd gone to Manuels River - on Saturday it was a different world only 10 minutes from home!  ;-)

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