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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Ellen!

Yesterday was a beautiful Fall day, so I did laundry and put some of it out on the clothesline, ran errands (which included the Bulk Barn and Lester's Farm of course), and walked to the two ponds to feed the geese and ducks (which were famished!) Not much for Ellen to do, because I'm still catching up on things and didn't have anything for her to model (to her disappointment). So, I asked her to help me take the towels off the clothesline. At least it would get her out of the house. She happily agreed even though it was almost dark and I'd left her home all day! No sooner did I have her standing up beside the towels, when a gale of wind came along and blew her over! Oh no! She spent the night in the kitchen with stain remover on her back.  Ooops!

Below are the pictures I took wherever I went. It was a fun day in the brisk air with the smell of Fall. Just lovely. The 2nd last picture is where I was taking Ellen's picture without flash just as she was falling over!

Next post it's back to Vegas Ellen! I still haven't told her about the whole trip. We'll do Fremont Street, the Grand Canyon Tour and stop at a ranch for lunch.

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  1. Great pics. I love the one of the two geese looking at you. So expressive!