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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cowls Are In, Ellen, and so is Vegas!

Cowls seem to be the one of the latest fashion accessories, and no wonder.  They are so cozy and fashionable! Ellen absolutely loves them. I want to knit some gifts for Christmas this year but need a few gifts that I can do in one night. Enter the long cowl. The feature below, I machine knit and completely finished, last night. It's made with one ball of Knit Picks Aloft  (75% mohair/25% silk) and so light and cozy that when Ellen modelled it, she wanted to keep it on all night. Of course she can! It's cold! I even turned on the fireplace for her tonight. Ellen only went as far as the back fence today because darkness was closing in so quickly. 

The cowl is knit in a long piece, gathered in certain places, then wrapped around the neck two (or three) times depending on how cold you are. Aloft is soooo soft and not the least bit itchy! Tempted to keep this one for myself.  :-)

In the last post I promised more pictures of Vegas so I've included them below also.

They were advertising a Margarita street party and the World's Largest Margarita. There's a few photos of the Venetian hotel, which of course has a Venice theme (including a real gondola in their courtyard). We stayed at New York New York. They have a roller coaster that wraps around the hotel and their very own Statue of Liberty!

I was amazed at all the themes and how accurate they are. Who designs this and creates it? I'd love to meet some of those people. For example, who do you call to order a brass lion that's as big as a house?

Next post - Fremont Street, which some refer to as Old Las Vegas. Very interesting spot!

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