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Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Fall Ellen!

Yesterday it finally sunk in that Fall is here. It was one of those windy days where it's sunny and warm , then 15 minutes later it's cold, cloudy and raining. So, I went to the local farmer's market, Lester's Farm Market, to get some fresh vegetables. Seeing that this week I've been knitting for the SPCA Fall Fair, in keeping with the animal theme, I thought that I should revisit my children's childhoods and go to the petting farm located at Lester's. A few years ago a llama lived there, and I wondered if he was still around as a picture of him would go great with a fibre blog post. He wasn't there yesterday and everyone was too busy for me to ask where he was.  I took some pictures anyway. The bunnies reminded me of angora (though they were not angora bunnies), the Emu reminded me of Emu brand yarn I used to buy years ago and the donkey, well, he was just a nice guy that came over to say hello to me.  

Last night I finished the hat for the SPCA, so Ellen was up bright and early wanting to go on a photo shoot. Beautiful day, with the hat and scarf all finished, so off to the Park we went. My oldest daughter came along also which Ellen said was competition! Wherever I go and set up Ellen we always get a few curious stares or children tugging on their parents clothing asking what's going on. Today was no different.  :-)

Last night when I was sewing up the hat I thought I'd do something different with it. Sometimes I find that hats don't sit properly on the back of the neck so I stopped sewing about 2 inches from the bottom, left 2 flaps, then sewed them up leaving a V on the nape of the neck. I guess they could be left as open flaps also. The hat definitely fits better and even though the idea needs to be perfected, it works well and doesn't look odd. While I was trying to get the hat to sit properly on Ellen, my daughter was commenting on how it looked. I had to admit, it's difficult to model a hat with no head and I forgot to bring a bowl to allow Ellen to properly model the hat. Enter Alana! A real life model - how cool is that. She said that the hat and scarf were cozy. The only thing about real life models is that sometimes they want to keep what they've modelled! Ellen said she'd never do that!

Then we took a stroll through the Park because it was such a nice day and I wanted some flower pictures. The story of the weekend is below in photos.  Enjoy!

Oh! The green stuff in the glass is a smoothy I made from the spinach and kale I bought at the market and the sunset is from Friday night.

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