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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before Your Time Ellen!

Ellen seems to think that I never did any knitting before she came along. All the same, how could she know?  Let's let her in on a few things that she might like.

The first is a hand knit sweater I knit for Andrea.  I found the pattern in a Vogue Knitting book that had patterns from the 50s. Andrea wore the sweater with pride until her cat, Jack took a fancy for it.

The 2nd item is a blanket I knit for Ange last Fall when I first got the knitting machine. Ange had moved to Montreal and when the cold weather started to set in, she said she was frozen all the time. As soon as she discovered that I'd bought a new knitting machine, she asked for a blanket for Christmas.  Ellen's wishin' she had been around for that!

The blanket is made from 100% acrylic yarn I bought at Michaels (22 balls of it to be exact) and it's knit in 20 panels with pattern card No. 1 that came with the machine, then crocheted together on the right side of the blanket so that the crochet ridges look decorative. Then I crocheted single crochet around the perimeter of the blanket 6 times. Took a few TV hockey games to get that done!  :-)

I've written up the pattern for the blanket and posted it as a free download on Ravelry. You can check it out at My Ravelry name is Kievgirl or Betty Nolan Designs.  If you want to do a pattern search in Ravelry, the blanket is listed under "Bright Blanket."  Have a look!

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  1. I like this Bright Blanket very much!
    As soon as I can set up my knitting machine again I'm going to try to make a blanket like this.
    Good job!