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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Elegant Evening Ellen!

This evening Ellen and I went to watch the sun go down at Cape Spear. You can't see the sun actually set at the horizon. It just goes down behind a huge hill. The light at Cape Spear is just beautiful at that time of day. I had to finish the capelet in order for Ellen to have something to model.  It was a bit of a rush, but we did it!

There was a few raised eyebrows because Ellen and I were hanging out.  One gentleman with his young family said that he is in the movie business and has seen some pretty weird things. Then we met the Commissioner at Cape Spear who questioned our presence and photography and wondered if it was commercial photography because then we would need a permit.  I assured him that it was knitting related and showed him the pictures of Ellen modelling.  He was fascinated and said that I should go to the most Easterly Point with Ellen and take a few photos because you never know when she'll get to go back to Cape Spear again! He said the shrug was very nice and he was pleased I was having fun with the knitting and with Ellen (and I did not need a permit!). We did visit the most Easterly Point as you will see below. The waves were quite large today.  Ellen was a bit nervous but we stayed well inside the safe zone and we saw a tour boat! Thank goodness it was a beautiful evening and no need for the fog horn. That would have frightened Ellen half to death!

Of course I had to carry Ellen all the way back to the car and along the way I heard a couple laughing behind us and one of them saying something along the lines of: "Shhhh, she'll hear you!" We turned to say hello and to let them know that this is perfectly normal for us.  :-)  Anyway, between the jigs and the reels, the couple was from Alberta. We ended up explaining our travels and having a laugh. Then they took our picture. I keep telling Ellen she's gonna be famous!

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