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Sunday, August 7, 2011

That Ellen! What a Trooper!

All weekend we were in the midst of what the locals call "RDF", which stands for "Rain, Drizzle and Fog".  But, it's not like we didn't know we were going to get that kind of weather.  All week long we were checking the forecast with the hope that the weather icons would change to radiant sunshine for the weekend.  Didn't happen - RDF and 11 degrees C!  So, in anticipation of the poor weather I thought I would start the process of organizing my knitting room, books and stash.  On Friday, John bought me (and Ellen) a brand new bookcase and on Saturday he put it together.  Of course Ellen was right in the middle of the whole thing!  Will keep you posted on the progress of the organization.

Sunday we went to Brigus to visit my Mom and her husband Jim.  Ellen was dying to get out of the house and model a dress that I designed and machine knit a couple of months ago, but we couldn't get the chance to go for a photo shoot all week.  Seeing we were inside all day yesterday, we thought we should take Ellen with us to Brigus 'cause you never know - might be sunny out there!  Dinner at Mom and Jim's house was delicious, but still no sunshine.  

After dinner we took Ellen to Captain Bartlett's Tunnel down by the ocean because we figured that location would offer some shelter so Ellen wouldn't fall over.  Good choice!  We brought Ellen through the Tunnel (dark!) and she finally had the opportunity to model the dress, right there by the ocean at the top of a cliff in the RDF!  She's a trooper, that Ellen!

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  1. can ellen give us a tour of her apartment/ your studio? it looks nice from this sneek peek!