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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh Ellen! What a Mess!

In the last post Andrea left a comment asking for a tour of Ellen's apartment/my studio.  I can give you only a semi-tour right now because we are not yet properly organized.  Shameful really!  To show the apartment/studio now feels like someone dropped by, it's afternoon and we're still in our pyjamas.  No matter how much you try to explain, you still feel bad.

Below are pictures of the yarn stash - lovely as it is, it really should be sorted and stacked. Then there's Ellen standing by the fireplace. She always hangs out there - loves the heat. To Ellen's left on the table, you'll catch a glimpse of the sweater I have partially done for my Mom. Remember the post "Swatch It Ellen!?" Well, the sweater is in the works. Then there's the stacks of books and still empty towering bookcase.  The intent is to sort the books by subject and sort the stash by fibre.  

Last night my brother took me fishing so I had to leave Ellen's dwelling undone - couldn't miss an evening on the water.  We did catch fish and had a grand time, except for me not having a clue how a fishing reel works!  Brother was super helpful - thankfully!  

Now that you've seen our mess, you can follow along as we get organized.  Ellen is delighted that someone has applied a little pressure so I can give this some priority!  ;-)

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  1. I'm beginning to think Ellen is a bit of a 'kept' woman. Shocking really.