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Sunday, July 27, 2014

What's Goin' On?

Lots goin' on even though I don't write often. For example, Rosie (our 18 month old Sheltie) has a new pool. Ellen is vacationing in California with her family. I finished the doll for my neighbour's grandchild. The doll's name is Maysie. She was a big hit with the 3 year old grandchild named Madeline.

A year or so ago I knit a blanket for my friend Lynn. She had asked me to do another 2 blankets - one for her son and one for her daughter. At the time I was working a lot at my day job so I (sadly) declined. Anyway, when she recently asked again because her son Josh's birthday was approaching, I thought I should just go ahead and do it for her. It took a while longer to make it (even though it's machine knit) but I was able to deliver it to her last Saturday, just in time for his birthday on Sunday. I've been advised that Josh was delighted with the gift of the blanket from his parents. This, of course, makes me very happy.

Come to think of it, you know, I think blankets are my "thing".  More about that in a later post. But another one of my "things" is watching sunsets. John and Rosie and I went to the Foxtrap Marina last night to watch one of the beautiful sunsets over Conception Bay. Rosie helped me find a few things while we were there.

Rosie in her new pool.


Josh's blanket

Close up of Josh's blanket folded to show the crocheted edging.

Rosie, the active helper. She also found a stinky dried fish tail, but I made her throw it away. :-)

Portrait of a beach rock. I kept this one. The light was fading so the picture is a little dark.

Another cool find.

A dried crab shell.

I love playing with camera settings while watching the ocean. 

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  1. So nice to have you back, Betty. We missed you.