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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pets and Icebergs (and Knitting)

Last week two of my daughters came to visit from (Andrea) Toronto and (Ange) Vancouver. Ange stopped in Toronto to collect Andrea. Then they both headed our way. The day they arrived it was foggy and cold here, but as the week went on, the weather became nicer and nicer. I was on vacation from work so needless to say I was delighted with all of this!

Both Ange and Andrea live in apartment buildings so they must be pet appropriate. Ange would love to have a dog but can't, so has a teddy bear named Sparky that she totes along in her bag. Andrea has a cat named Jack who is 9 years old and spends a large part of his day relaxing in his pink chair. And, of course we have Rosie, a 16 month old Sheltie.

One of the days while Ange and Andrea were out with Alana (sister), I machine knit a vest for Sparky. It's always nice to give visitors a gift. It's a simple vest - 2 knit squares with crochet ties at the top and bottom and a crocheted edging around each square.  (Patons Canadiana: 20 sts, 26 rows on tension dial 6.)

While the girls were here we went to Cape Spear (one of my favourite places in the whole world) to see a gigantic iceberg. Rosie made friends as quickly as possible.

Because I don't have a lot of time for knitting in the past year, Ellen has been on hiatus somewhere in the Bahamas.

The pictures of Sparky below are compliments of Ange.

Sparky with Jack in Toronto

Sparky in his new (pseudo) vest

Sparky with Rosie at our house. Rosie still thinks cameras are black scary things that may need to be avoided - not sure.

Icebergs look too small in photos!

New friend!

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