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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Pattern in the Knit Picks April Catalogue, Ellen!

I love receiving the Knit Picks catalogue. Just received the April 2013 in the mail today and to my surprise and delight, my At-Home Dining: Placemat, is featured as one of the downloadable patterns on page 11. Thank you to the Knit Picks! For those of you who don't receive the catalogue or just haven't received it yet, here is the link for the placemat pattern: At-Home Dining: Placemat

Also, I have another pattern designed in the At-Home Dining Series using Knit Picks Dishie yarn. That pattern has been submitted to Knit Picks but is not up on their site yet, due to some technical issues they are currently experiencing. However, I have posted it for sale on Craftsy in the meantime. Here is the link: At-Home Dining: Bread Basket Cloth & Warming Companion

In other news, John and I took a road trip to Deer Lake (West Coast Newfoundland) last weekend. I took a few photos of things I found interesting that hopefully you will also find interesting! When we went out and about on Saturday it was a balmy 17 degrees Celsius! Really warm for us East Coasters.  The wind here in Mount Pearl is still a nippy. Yesterday I wore my hat and gloves when walking and had no inclination to remove them. It's a bit warmer here today though - warm enough to rake the back yard. And, the crocus have bloomed! Spring is definitely near!

I thought this was neat - a strawberry big enough to have it's own trailer!

Deer Lake Power
Here is a link to some interesting info about Deer Lake Power

A photo of Deer 'Lake' with lots of snow in the mountains in the background.
People are still using their snowmobiles in these areas.

Crocus in our back yard.
I love these hardy little flowers!

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