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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nothing to Show, Ellen?!

No finished knitting projects to show that is!

I knit something for Angela for her birthday which is tomorrow, wrapped it up and sent it away - never took one picture. Ellen didn't even get the chance to try it on. Not happy! Oh my! Now I'm depending on Angela to send me some pictures. Hint, hint Angela!   :-)  That's project number 1.

Project No. 2 is a new doll named Beatrice. Ellen was missing Leezel and wanted another friend. Beatrice is finished, but her outfit is not, so we can't show Beatrice to you until she gets some clothes.

Project No. 3 is a pastry apron that does not have a bottom frill. 

Project No. 4 is a bread basket cloth. I'm writing the pattern for this one to continue the At Home Dining line.

So, you can see that I'm very busy and needed a break! 

Tuesday morning was a beautiful, quiet morning - the calm before the storm so to speak. The forecast was calling for blizzard conditions later in the evening so we went out to take some pictures in the morning. The sky and light was changing quickly so we headed for Signal Hill, then down to Quidi Vidi for a few shots. By then the sky had completely clouded over so we went home.

Where from here?  :-)
Paris is only 3,980 kilometres from Signal Hill!

Love the sky in this one.
The foreground (Fort Amherst) is a bit dark but I didn't want to lose the highlights in the sky.

Fort Amherst from atop Signal Hill.
See the frost and ice from the waves along the cliffs?

St. John's Harbour

The point of land in the distance is Cape Spear.

Deadman's Pond

Quidi Vidi Gut

Ice at the turn-around at Quidi Vidi.

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