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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ellen, This Is Beatrice. Beatrice, This Is Ellen!

Beatrice is the new doll on the block. I mentioned her briefly in the last post. She now has clothing and today got all dressed up to meet Ellen. Beatrice is hand knit similar to Leezel except Bearice is knit with acrylic yarn. She is stuffed with pure washed sheep's wool. Her clothes are also knit with acrylic, so she is completely washable.

Ellen likes her already as she thinks Beatrice is quite fashionable. Beatrice has highlights in her hair and she has lovely shoes. Ellen is crazy about shoes but never gets the chance to wear them, so she's always interested in the shoes that everyone else is wearing.

I have plenty of work to do so I'll leave those two alone in the studio and let them get to know each other!

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